Toyota recalls 11,500 Lexus LS sedans all over the world

If these were pancakes, we would be totally jacked. Unfortunately, pancakes have nothing to do with any of this. ’This’, of course, is Toyota ’s continued recall woes, which continue to stack up like hot pancakes on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Toyota Motor Corporation has announced that it would be recalling four Lexus LS models over problems involving the car’s steering wheel system. The affected LS models are the LS460 , the LS460L, the LS600h , and the LS600hL . All of these models come with the Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS), which has been a source of problems for customers when the wheel doesn’t return to its original position fast enough after making turns. According to Lexus spokesperson, Mieko Iwasaki, the problem in the VGRS can be traced to both mechanical and software malfunctions.

All in all, a total of over 11,500 vehicles will be recalled all over the world. Once again, just when it looks like Toyota is finally turning the proverbial corner, another recall drops on its tired and weary lap.


Its sad to hear a recall from a particular car brand after they made us drool on their press release saying on how great is their car! I hope that this thing wouldn’t cost to the failure of this car company.

Believe it or not but Toyota captures the fourth place according to the car infographics. And I was shocked that Ford is in the number one place! Btw, still Toyota recall is not a good thing to hear.

What the **ck steering problem? This should be taken seriously. Steering wheel is one of the most important parts of the car.

I’m bored of seeing Toyota-related recall news. I think it will take more than a year for Toyota to fix that mess. What only they can do for now is to cut prices.

Although the company knows of no accidents caused by the problem either in Japan or elsewhere, the possibility for reduced control at high speeds is obvious.

Grrrr..... another recalls. i wonder if there are still consumers that will have the interest to buy a toyota vehicle.

Alright toyota did it again.. Sad, am I right? but reality bites! I wonder what’s with toyota.. most of their cars are faulty and defective... nah... i hope they still can regain their lost reputation.

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