Toyota's Celica rebirth may still be on track

We’ve known Toyota has been working on a partnership with Subaru to bring back the Celica . But there has also been confirmation that plans were being delayed until at least 2012, if not indefinitely.

Now there’s a story coming out in next month’s L’Automobile Magazine that says the Celica will be here in 2010. The French publication says that this has been confirmed by Thierry Dombreval, vice president of sales and marketing of Toyota France.

We still are a little cautious about news of the traditionally frugal Toyota continuing plans for a sports sedan in unsure economic times (especially in addition to the rumored new hybrid MR2 ). But if Toyota is willing to take the risk on a new rear-drive car, we will be one its largest supporters.


IMO the FT-86 will be named celica for the market purposes, it’s not yet clear if the Ft-86 will has it’s own name.

Last I checked, the Celica was FWD or AWD, not RWD. I like the idea of the Celica rebirth. That way, Toyota has a FWD, AWD and MR sportscar, all at affordable prices. All they have to do know is give us the Supra.

I think the reason Toyota sales went down is because they no longer have any sportscars. Like it or not, sportscars do sell. Take a look at the Z. The IS-F is doing extremely well but its a up class vehicle. Maybe Toyota wouldn’t have been hit so hard if they had at least one sportscar for ordinary people i.e the cheap fast fun car loving kind of people.

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