Toyota says no to bringing the Scion FR-S Convertible to the US market

Scion FR-S Convertible

One would think that living in America would have its advantages. Don’t get us wrong; we love the merits of the good ’ol U-S-of-A, but sometimes, this country doesn’t always get what it wants.

Take the recent news about the Scion FR-S Convertible as an example. The new Japanese sports coupe is available in the US as a coupe model , but according to AutoNews, that’s as far as it gets.

Due to "pricing issues," Toyota has announced that the convertible model of the FR-S will not be made available in the US. You read that right: not available in the US.

We don’t know about you, but this news is pretty devastating, especially for those who have been waiting for a topless version of the FR-S. As if to rub salt on our wounds, Toyota has given the green light to bring a convertible model of the Toyota GT86 in a number of other markets all over the world.

As for the third sister in this trifecta, the Subaru BRZ Convertible , there’s been no confirmation on whether one will come in the future.

But no Scion FR-S Convertible in the US? Bummer. Bummer, indeed.

Source: AutoNews


Convertible version is possible if the market is ready as well for this. China is more prepared and ideal for the Scion convertible.

Yeah, they might have reasons, but I’m sure that needs an explanation too. I guess the only way to know is to wait for that announcement.

Whatever the reason might be they are still going to launch the convertible version on China only where it’s their largest market.

Why do they have to announce that the convertible version will be not be available on the US? I do hope that they will change their minds.

What could be the possible reason why they say no on this model? US is ready for the Scion convertible.

I assume they already anticipated the possibility of not making a good sales. That’s good rather than going home empty handed.

Convertible might be untimely for the US, but I know Toyota will offer it on the future years.

For me, the convertible has a good characteristics than the standard Scion. I’m hoping for the reconsideration of their decision.

Because they know they will be having a hard time in selling this car in the U.S. Because of the stiff car competition in the U.S. Market.

What could be the problem on producing the convertible on the US, if the market itself says so?

It’ll be better if they also provide the convertible on the US for options.

Toyota has reasons, and I’m sure that is enough. We just have to wait for the further announcement. Maybe they were cooing up something new for the US.

Seriously, after all the planning and teasing, why would they not want to bring the convertible version in the US? It would be a waste of efforts and ideas if not sold in the US.

Why did Toyota refuse to bring the convertible version on the US Market? Didn’t they received positive responses on the citizens with the coupe model?

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