Toyota-Subaru RWD Coupe first spy shots

Yesterday we were reporting that the Subaru Impreza Coupe will make its official debut in 2010 . And today we bring you the first proof of this future Toyota-Subaru RWD Coupe: the first ever spy shots.

This spy shots were made outside a test center in the UK and even if the mule use a lot of Subaru Legacy parts, there are some parts that prove we are watching something else: a pair of Recaro bucket seats that hint at a strongly sporting nature, as well as a strangely visible Toyota emblem in the rear seat area.

The model still has no name, but what we can tell you for sure is that the coupe will use a 2.0 liter boxer engine with about 220 hp. All the power will be send to the rear wheels using a six-speed gearbox.

Set to be launched in late 2010 or early 2011, the future RWD coupe will have a price starting under $20.000.

Source: windingroad


I want a name is toyota supra

not a bad looking car, and the price (if they don’t change their minds) is fantastic
can’t wait for some official pics!

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