Toyota to Resurrect SUV-Coupe Concept

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After standing back and watching their sworn rival Nissan grab all the sales in the small SUV market with its Juke, Toyota has finally decided to build such an SUV to rival the Nissan and broaden its range of vehicles. The development isn’t going to start from scratch, as Toyota bosses have stated that the SUV will draw heavy inspiration from the Toyota RSC — Rugged Sports Coupé — that was announced way back in 2001.

Sadly, the market then wasn’t looking for an SUV-Coupe concept as opposed to today’s market where an example like the Range Rover Evoque drives the segment with positive sales figures. So, the project was canned, which was a safe move by Toyota.

With the small SUV market emerging, thanks to the likes of the Nissan Juke and the Dacia Duster, Toyota is considering to join the bandwagon with their rumored SUV. The idea is yet to receive a green light, but if it does, the SUV will sit on either an extended version of the Yaris platform to compete with the Versa based Nissan Juke or the Auris platform for some extra space in the rear — an aspect blatantly ignored in the Juke.

With Toyota enjoying the title as the "World’s Largest Auto Manufacturer,” It is clear that they will build a rival to any car that enjoys a positive feedback in the market, as long as they stay No. 1 in the market.

Image shown is of the 2001 Toyota RSC

Source: Autocar


Was this car created after watching StarWars?smiley)

Toyota is always going to be the "World’s Largest Auto Manufacturer’" !!

For a Coupe Sport car, which is unpredictibly strange for me, and 2001, this car seems to be a good one

Toyota Yaris cannot compare with this is waay better!

Yeah, this design was not so inspired, even if, for its period, it was something big..

I’m glad they think about recreating this ugly bug..

Yeah, a little bit of research upon this vehicle will show up it had a pretty positive feedback , from any source

A friend of mine tested this Toyota, and he said it does not compare with a Dacia..And for 2001 this was a hell of a SUV!

Yes Brad, that’s right . Doesn’t matter how their cars look like, they manage to keep their place on top of the market

Toyota has always been quite a powerful mark, so I don’t think they would ever face any problem, regarding the market

Now I’ve figured out the Toyota in the image above is a car from 2001...That explains a lot!

Can anyone bring some more information about this car?However , they must rethink its design, I think...

I think even Dacia Duster is a better car than this Toyota..It’s quite dissapointing from them!

Oh my Good!What’s wrong with this car?It looks just like a bug...

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