Track-Focused Jaguar XKR-S Caught Testing at Nurburgring

Back in February 2012, it was reported that Jaguar was preparing a track-focused XKR-S Coupe. Now, the guys from BridgetoGantry have caught a very strange looking XKR-S testing around the Nurburgring track. So, why do we think this is not just an ordinary XKR-S?

First, we looked at the front of the vehicle where we noticed the huge front splitter and dual canards. Then, there’s that huge rear wing at the back. These new elements should have a dramatic effect on front-end grip and feel in high-speed corners. Also, under those huge 20" wheels, we noticed an upgraded multi-piston big brake kit.

So, with all these updates provided to the XKR-S, we strongly believe that Jaguar is working on an even more impressive sports coupe. However, when asked about it, Jaguar officials said that "testing various vehicles and parts do not always necessarily lead to parts or vehicles entering volume production."

Let’s just hope they’re trying to keep it a secret, and not just testing parts.


What an awesome cool performance they got there.

Wow aggressive. Let’s see how long this XKR carries that performance.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Bad a**! But you did a good job in catching Jaguar in testing. But you should hide for now because you violated the rules.

It should have tested itself in secret.

It definitely belongs on the tracks. We can see how competitive it is.

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