Track to Street: Corvette Racing Series, Episode 8

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We looks at cars everyday. Wait, scratch that, we look at A LOT of cars on a daily basis and rarely do we ever think of the people behind the car. Yes, we talk about different automakers and the cars they will be debuting, but we hardly ever talk about the people whose jobs are to evolve and progress the vehicles they are working on. Well, Chevrolet has changed that.

This is Episode 8 of the Track to Street Corvette Racing Series. This episode takes the viewers on a trip into the world of progressive car making. Through an ongoing development process called cascade engineering, Corvette Racing’s engineering staff is continually refining the Corvette so it can achieve optimal performance.

It’s actually a pretty interesting video. Don’t expect fireworks and loud, revving engines, but take a look at it to see all of the work that gets the Corvette from the track to the street.


This is the great reason why i like watching the corvette, cause they let us know who are the person behind the curtains (if you know what i mean.)

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