Tundra recall

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There is a rumor that the bookies in Vegas are setting a line on the timing of the next Toyota recall. But no one is willing to lay off the odds.
Yes, they’ve done it again.
It’s another Toyota recall.
Worse for Toyota, it’s the Tundra this time.
You know the Tundra: the truck with the scored camshafts, the collapsing tailgates, the disappointing sales and the huge incentives.
This time it’s the prop shaft.
As in the “propeller shaft.” That’s where the driveshaft goes into the differential.
15,600 Tundras are being recalled because the prop shaft may separate at a joint in the shaft, the result of inadequate heat-treating to harden the parts.
Wow. They can’t even get a CV joint right.
No wonder they’ve decided to abandon lithium ion batteries.


when u see them break down?!! its them fords that be falling apart!

look l_t_s_advantage stop tryin to argue a point u can’t make the sierra hasd more power than any stock truck out there so ofcourse it is the best silverado is jus its weaker counter part

I agree the with badestofthebad because even though they are made at the same specificaton the gmc offers the 403 hp engine and the six speed transmission and the silverado doesn’t

Hey Egonileo relax, Only give to you some information about the Tundra.

But badestofthebad, Why you said the sierra is the best overall? is a liiiiiie.

Because Chevy is a mark of GM. How it is possible that one is better than the other one if they are made at the same specifications.

The American marks are also a true dirts.

oh an thnx for correcting me there Egonileo with the info didn’t bother to count gmc in there at first my bad

lets jus put this to rest right now out of the 4 ford chevy dodge an toyota the tundra is the best, but undisputedly the sierra is the best OVERALL!! but the tundra is still one HUGE truck!!

hey l t s advantage i just said it had more horsepower i never said it was better at towing and besides do you really need all that towing capacity? Also i hear that the chevy silverado tows 10,500 lbs. and GVWR is 7,300 lbs.

wow Egonileo!

This amazing 22hp more that the Tundra, because the sierra have a 6.2L engine in compare the Tundra 5.7L engine.

But the Tundra towing is 10100 lbs
versus the 8400 lbs the Sierra.
Also GVWR of the Sierra is 7000 versus 7200 of Tundra.

So the full size pick up is for hard work, not only performance.

In conclusion the Tundra is invincible.

You can’t blame the americans for putting the vehicle together. When toyota has a plant, or for any manufacturer for any vehicle, the components are chosen beforehand. When the components get to the plant, they are just put together. So please, think of another way to not blame toyota. It’s not the american people that selected the components.

hey badestofthebad your right no ford,dodge, or chevy outpower the tundra, but the gmc sierra can- it has 403 hp

ralph is a clown the tundra is the strongest full size truck out there 381hp no ford or dodge an not even chevy can match it

Yeah kingtiger8888
Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut up Ralph
This is envies with Toyota. Common write me it more bothers you of Toyota:
More Performance, most Sales, Less problems, more variety. huh!!

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