Tuning World Bodensee announces finalists for Miss Tuning 2012

Every year, the Tuning World Bodensee plays hosts to a tuning-club-scene exhibition. But more than just the aftermarket programs in attendance in Germany, the event is also notable for staging the annual Miss Tuning competition.

This year, 20 drop-dead gorgeous contestants vying for the title of Miss Tuning 2012 have been named finalists where they will move on to the official pageant event. Last year, 23-year old Mandy Lange beat out 17 other finalists to take home the crown as Miss Tuning 2011.

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, although we think its mostly the latter that will enjoy this, we’ve compiled a photo gallery of some of the finalists that are in the running to succeed Mandy Lange as the 2012 winner of Tuning World Bodensee’s Miss Tuning pageant.

You can check out all the hotness in the photo gallery. Pick out your favorites too and let us know which of these gorgeous ladies are on the top of your list.


It would surely be a tough event because judges will have a hard time judging who will be the Miss Tuning 2012.

I won’t state my bet yet! I actually can’t choose. LOL.

Everybody is pretty much considered the winners here so far; it’s already a pleasure to be included in the finalists.

They’ve chosen such gorgeous ladies for this, and I can’t help but get awed with their bodies!

The one in the photo seems to be the most favored. I think she’s perfect too.

I wonder who has the most appealing charm to everyone. The ladies have such nicely toned bodies.

Nice one! Those finalists with perfectly tuned bodies are comparable to those super cars. They are all deserve to win but only one will get the title so stay tuned!

Very nice; These ladies’ bodies can be compared to those supercars with intense sculpting and appealing aggressiveness.

Of course, what would you expect from Miss Tuning ladies? Their bodies are perfectly tuned!

Good luck to all of them! If you’d ask me, I’d pick each and every one of them as I can’t choose!

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