Turn 10 Just Secretly Revealed New Forza Horizon 2 Cars in New Trailer

Microsoft had its big Gamescom conference today and announced some really cool stuff for its Forza series. The first piece of big news was the announcement of a new car pack that featured the Rolls Royce Wraith , and the second was some new and exciting footage for Forza Horizon 2. While watching the video however, I discovered a few things. New cars to be exact, and none of them have been officially announced yet.

Did they try to sneak one under our noses here?

The cars in questions are the Local Motors Rally Fighter and the KTM X-Bow . The Rally fighter is seen in two sequences in the distance as the player chases it. It can be slightly hard to make out, but it is very obviously the Rally Fighter. The scene we have captured here also looks as though the Bowler EXR S will be included as well.

The "driver’s" car in this shot of the Rally FIghter looks like a Range Rover sport , but it also bears a striking resemblance to the modified Bowler as well. I can’t tell definitively form this shot, but I am 90-percent sure we are looking at a Bowler.

The KTM was more prominently on display, but only if you know what to look for. There is an off-road scene that is being raced from the cockpit point of view. The open chassis car could be mistaken for the already announced Ariel Atom, but anyone who knows the X-Bow will recognize those fenders. You can see screenshots of both cars, comparison photos to their real life counterparts, and the entire video above.

We have reached out to Turn 10 and will update with their response.

Let me know your thoughts on all this in the comments below.

Continue reading to see the video and screen captures.

Bowler and Rally Fighter Screenshot Analysis

Local Motors Rally Fighter
Turn 10 Just Secretly Revealed New Forza Horizon 2 Cars in New Trailer
Turn 10 Just Secretly Revealed New Forza Horizon 2 Cars in New Trailer

So now that you have seen the video, let us take a look at some shots.

This first shot is the potential Bowler and the Rally Fighter. The Rally Fighter is pretty obvious, and you can compare it to the photo of the actual car we have here. It has a very distinctive sports car shape with what looks like the suspension travel of Grave Digger. It kinda sticks out.

The Bowler on the other hand is a little more subtle. Since it is basically a modified Range Rover to begin with, it can be hard to spot the differences. The main ones to look at here in our comparison is the relationship of the rear window and rear bumper in regards to size. A normal Range Rover has a larger rear tailgate and glass. The Bowler shrinks these up slightly to provide better departure angles and suspension travel.

X-Bow Screenshot Analysis

Turn 10 Just Secretly Revealed New Forza Horizon 2 Cars in New Trailer

The KTM, again is a bit more obvious than the Bowler. You are very obviously sitting in a open-chassis car like the Atom, but the body doesn’t quite match up. As you can see by the photo of the actual X-Bow, there is basically nothing else in the world that looks quite like this machine.

Turn 10 may have tried to slip one past us, but our eyes are too sharp to be fooled.

Expect an announcement for these cars soon.

What is your take?

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