Turn your Toyota MR2 into a Fakerrari 360 for $2,000

Either this is the ugliest Ferrari 360 we’ve ever seen or it’s something else – a Toyota MR2 , perhaps - that’s masquerading as a Prancing Horse.
In any case, we don’t have a clue as to why somebody would want to turn an MR2 into a Fakerrari other than maybe they think that people are stupid enough to believe they have a Ferrari 360 .

But if you don’t have an ounce of shame in your bones and you are interested in this kit to rebadged your Toyota into a 360, then all you need to do is fork over $2,000.

But we do have to warn you. Contrary to what you’re thinking, driving around a Fakerrari around town won’t do a whole lot to bump up your cred. The truth is, you’re probably doing more damage to yourself by sitting behind the wheel of a Fakerrari.

For starters, it makes you look cheap and more important than that, any self-respecting man would know what a genuine Ferrari 360 looks like. And this is most definitely not one of them.

Source: eBay


wheres this kit at? i would like to do my mr2 like this...minus the ferrari stuff of course lol

Amazing body kits. a ferrari 360 miniture.

At first you’ll mistaken it for a ferrari, but the difference is there, if the company itself do the thing, its foul. But if the owner wants to that, it’s their choice we have no hold on him.

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