Turtle Van makes appearance at the Chicago Auto Show

Every now and then, we chance upon a vehicle in one of these auto shows that capture our imaginations for an entirely different purpose. While these types of cars aren’t exactly common items in these type of auto shows, their appearances have no other purpose but to liven up the proceedings.

And on cue, the Chicago Auto Show featured one display that most definitely falls under this billing. Underneath all the cosmetic add-ons is just an ordinary Volkswagen bus. But, as the display proudly shows, it’s also the decked-out ride of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

That’s right. It’s those bandana-wearing, karate-chopping mutant turtles. The display came courtesy of the Volo Auto Museum, which makes you wonder out of all the cars they could have exhibited at the Chicago Auto Show, they had to go with the Turtle Van with a matching five-foot tall Ninja Turtle decked out in full battle gear.

Don’t worry, we’re not complaining. After all, in a show featuring some of the newest cars to come out of the woodwork, you’re going to need some time for comic relief, which you can achieve just by looking at this Turtle Van.

Source: Jalopnik


Pretty much ridiculous. The original turtle van from the comics was, in fact, a VW van.

Which turtle is that Raphael or Michelangelo? My ty work monitor can’t distinguish between red and orange. Either way that is dual wielding katanas and that’s Leo’s weapon.

This van brings up my childhood memories when I used to watch Ninja turtles shows.

Awesome! I wonder if the van can still service the turtles in delivering pizzas and fighting crime. I wonder who owns it. If he gets it on sale, there will definitely be huge bids on it and I personally will be making a few thousand bids on it. It’s radical!

Cool van, although I don’t remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s van like this, I think it looked like a pizza van o something. Anyhow, it is still a cool car, although I can’t remember on who that ninja in front of it is. Is it Raphael?

VW Old School Van really captivates me, i’d really love seing it in a custom paint job and theamed Raggae.

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