Twenty One Eco Cars on show at the LA car show.

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There will be at 21 eco friendly cars on show at the LA car show.

Twenty One Eco Cars on show at the LA car show.

It just goes to show that there is concerted push towards designing, building and marketing environmentally friendly cars now, for at the up and coming Los Angeles Car Show there will be no fewer than twenty one cars from that bracket, i.e. Hybrid, Electrical, Bio Fuel, Gas, Low Sulphur Diesel and a variety of others yet to be displayed.

All the main car makers will have their own slant on what will be the eco friendly success story of the year, their concept cars offering so many new features some that we will never actually see in a normal production line car, yet some times there is just that little something that gets everyone thinking about the future of the car industry and what will be in our cars in the years to come.

Is it all hot air? The market share for eco friendly cars is so small and the demand for those mega fuel drinking SUV’s and luxury sedans that have a V6 or V8 sitting under then bonnet is so great that it does make you think if it is all worth it, after all unless something drastic is done about fuel consumption nobody, apart from those who really do care about the environment, are going to worry about how much fuel they use, the only major factor is the cost of how much it is to fill up.


This one great event for Eco fans. I would love to see Hybrids car models such as Mercedes S400 and Cadillac Escalade Hybrid.

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