Type 65 Coupe kit car

Is true that the original Type 65 Coupe has been limited to only six units. And even if the car never entered production, the Type 65 made history in 1965 when it won the FIA Championship for America. But the fact that there were only 6 units and the car never entered production, this is not a reason for all the car’s lovers to own a Type 65. Not an original one, but a kit car made by Factory Five.

Source: Factory Five

The Factory Five Coupe captures the look and feel of the original 200 mph GT cars of the 1965 World Championship effort so you can pilot a car that is almost identical to those driven by guys like Bob Bondurant, Dan Gurney and Ken Miles. The only difference is that today, technology has enabled vintage lines to merge with modern comfort and performance.

Type 65 Coupe kit car

While the car is a steel and aluminum, wooden steering wheel, fire breathing monster vintage race car, it has benefited from a good amount of refinement and modern engineering. Like the roadster, we wanted to capture that vintage look and feel, but use modern running gear and enhance comfort and driveability.

The Type 65 kit is based on the innovation of using running gear from a single modern donor vehicle, namely the high performance Mustang.

Type 65 Coupe kit car

The car is painted Patriot Blue with GM-10 Arctic White stripes and Gumballs. Powered by a small block Ford Racing 302 crate engine developing 345 hp, the car runs 0-60 mph in less than four seconds.

The price for this kit car is $14.990.

Type 65 Coupe kit car

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