UAW President Bob King Reiterates Stance

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The king of the United Auto Workers, Bob King, has once again stood firm on his view to ban nonunion vehicles from UAW property. This time though, he went a little more hands on.

"Buying a U.S./UAW vehicle makes a difference," King wrote in a two-page rebuttal to a blog post written by a Kansas City Business Journal reporter who was told to remove his Toyota Camry from a UAW parking lot.

The reporter, James Dornbrook, wrote that he was forced to move his car by a UAW member. Dornbrook also mentioned in his post that his Camry had more American-made parts than a Ford F-150.

While Dornbrook has a point, it apparently flew over the head of King, who wrote a long letter to the reporter. In it, he wrote how foreign automakers deny U.S workers the right to organize, something which the automakers deny.

"Foreign automakers accept U.S taxpayer’s dollars in incentives to build assembly plants in the United States, jeopardizing the future of middle-class workers in the domestic auto industry," King wrote.

U.S automakers employ around 300,000 workers, which is still about two-thirds of all U.S autoworkers.

Source: Detroit News


Agreed, wouldn’t it make more sense to see what people are buying and see if you can match it by looking out onto your own parking lot? Not what people are speculating.

There is no better predictor of industrial closure or bankruptcy than whether or not that facility’s work force is represented by the UAW

You can’t solve problems by just banning foreign cars from your lot. But this is the brilliant UAW we’re talking about...

If UAW bans foreign vehicles from UAW property, then they’re banning many of the vehicles that UAW members build, as mentioned in the article, including the Toyota Corolla and Mazda6:

Hmm, I thin US really needs to automakers employ.

Just because the Big Three employ 2/3 of assembly workers doesn’t mean that they employ 2/3 of all Americans involved in the auto business; if you include mechanics, salesmen, managers, ect Toyota employs more Americans than the Big Three combined. If you want to support the American economy, buy a Camry.

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