Underground Racing teases the return of the Lamborghini Gallardo Nera

Back in 2007, Lamborghini released a special edition Gallardo at the Paris Motor Show. Limited to only 185 units, these Gallardos were given the name “Nera” and were each powered by the same V10 engine of the standard Gallardo with an output of 550 horsepower.

Since then, these cars have been dispersed all over the world to their owners and just like their name, they seem to have vanished into the night without even a trace of their shadows.

It took a little over three years, but we’ve just gotten word that one of these black knights from Lamborghini has resurfaced in the hands of no less than Underground Racing. Over the past few months, the US-based aftermarket tuning company worked tirelessly on upping the proverbial ante on the Gallardo Nera’s powertrain, determined to give the dark supercar a 1,000 horsepower belly, capable of thwarting any and all enemies that gets in its way.

Details are still limited at this point, but Underground Racing saw fit to release a little teaser video of the Gallardo Nera on a drag strip, including a small snippet of its incredible acceleration off the starting block.

Given that it’s a teaser video, Underground Racing preferred to keep the video short to make us beg and plead for more. It seems to be working, though, because we can’t wait to find out more on what these boys did to one of the most exclusive and elusive Gallardos on the planet.


The speed performance of the car is kind of impressive! I was impressed on that figure. I want to see a production for this one.

I haven seen the future lined up production of the Lamborghini and I would say that I’m really impressed with the speed performance and its styling.

Yes same here. It give the same thought also. I think this is only the acknowledgment for Lamborghini Gallardo Nera but it doesn’t make any appearance yet.

Nowadays, I haven’t heard any updates about the Lamborghini Nera! However, I think this car will offer a great speed performance since it uses the v10 technology and 550 hp are quite superior. 

I have to admit that this "black knights" are exceptionally awesome!
Why does it take three years before they are back in the lime light? For sure , Lamborghini would modify and upgrade its engine. I can’t wait to read the full details for this car.

Holy crap! God himself will be driving one of these icons!

Man I love that interior. And the exterior is not bad either smiley But don’t they make these cars with standard stick shifter anymore?

really? i can’t imagine lamborghini will build such fast car. well i guess it can compete with the Bugatti Veyron Sports.

expected that it will have a whopping 2000 ponies under the hood and it can run beyond freaking 250MPH...

Lamborghini would forsake it numerical nomenclature for the repalcement for the LP-640, aka Lamborghini Murcielago.

a whopping 1000 horses under the hood, I wonder how much fuel consumption in a mile. I bet i wont go down for atleast 3liters per mile.

Would love to race it against a Ferrari smiley

wow this is something new, I really love the looks of it and for sure the performance of the nera is a little bit something new to its class. pretty amazing does it?

behold gallardo nera is coming. i wonder what surprises do the Nera do have now, yes it looks great but in terms of looks and design i would go for the reventon.

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