Van gets trapped in the water after stunt goes horribly wrong

There’s stupid and then there’s really, really stupid. Care to venture a guess on what description fits these yahoos?

If it’s bad enough that these guys would think that submerging the rear end of their van so a jet ski can drive straight inside is a good idea, they made it exponentially worse by actually doing it. Not only did their plan backfire, but it completely blew up in their faces after the van continued sliding into the water, leaving both it and the jet ski trapped with no help in sight. Maybe these idiots could do the smart thing and pull the van out of the water with their teeth. Oh wait, that’s not a smart idea? For most of us, yeah. But for these morons, it just might be the smartest thing they do all day.

Watch idiocy at its finest after the jump

Source: YouTube


Accidents do come at times we didn’t expect it to happen. This video shows how a can fails to do his trick and falls down on a body of water, trapping it on the spot. I hope no one was hurt on that stunt.

haha. i agree with you Kim.. they are good at it

the dumb video is already remove

Dumb and dumber, haha they could just lift it up into the truck but not doing this stupid act, haha maybe they feel confident that it’ll work the way they want it.

agree he should used a cable to pull the van from the water.. he think he can pull the van by his own hahaha.

hahaha good thing that the stunt man didn’t drown and escaped immediately.

He should tie the van to another car so that if this thing happened. They can easily pull the van up.

It happened that the rear tire did float that’s why the water slowly pull the van down.

hahaha that was a great stunt but sorry for the Ford Van. It’s engine is flooded and it needs to be overhauled.

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