Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari

Have you noticed that there are tons of gadgets inspired by the coolest sports cars lately? For example, Vertu has announced the new Constellation Quest Ferrari - a new luxury smartphone inspired by the Ferrari 458 Italia . The phone has been designed in cooperation with Ferrari Design team and features a case called Cavallion Rampante made from polished stainless steel.

The Constellation Quest Ferrari phone is made from the most luxurious of materials such as polished sapphire crystal, Ferrari calf leather, and polished black ceramic. It features a Ferrari logo on the back of the case, a 2.46 inch screen, a full QWERTY key pad, and a 5 mega pixels camera. As a present to every buyer, the phone also comes with a special set of ringtones obtained from live recordings of a Ferrari 458 Italia on a test circuit.

There’s been no mention on the price for the Constellation Quest Ferrari, but it will more than likely be extremely expensive.


Cool phone! If you are someone who doesn’t want to have things that are the same with others, this one is going to the best for you. For sure, you’ll rarely see this kind of phone.

This gadget may be of latest trends which showcases the stylish and creative way of modern days. I think the price of this cellphone is an expensive one.

I don’t have to know the exact amount of this Ferrari-inspired smartphone. Well, it inherited the luxurious look and features of the Ferrari 458 Italia. It’s a must-have to collect to Ferrari owners.

They may be following the trends and demands of the modern days, but this will stand-out. The smartphone which was inspired the Ferrari 458 Italia, was now on sale. Who cares about the price, if everybody expects it will be more expensive due to its luxurious looks.

Looks like the blackberry model but it has many new features like the full QWERTY key pad, 5 mega pixels and a lot more. I like the logo on the back of the case, its very fantastic to look at. This one will be the coolest gadget of today’s generation but extremely expensive at all.

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