Video: 1969 Can-Am Mustang by Bodie Stroud

At the 2011 SEMA Show, Bodie Stroud unveiled a bad-ass 494-cubic-inch-powered 1969 Mustang . Oh, and this is no normal 494 either, but we’ll get to that later. One year later the folks from Unionhz TV, under the direction of Julian King, have created an awesome called "The Real Thing" that presents the story behind this amazing project.

With his project, Bodie Stroud wanted to re-imagine a classic Mustang powered by an extremely rare and powerful engine built specifically for legendary racer Mario Andretti’s 1969 Can Am series race car. This all-aluminum 494-cubic-inch V-8 engine was so powerful that Ford never even attempted to transfer it to its road-going cars.

This movie follows all the steps required to develop this project, starting from the rendering phase all the way through its initial test drive and to its unveiling at the 2011 SEMA. Sit back, enjoy and you will learn about the hard work needed to develop such an amazing muscle car.

What a phenomenal hunk of machinery this thing is. Just wait until you get a listen to it…


Needs flames, from my point of view smiley

I’ve never understood why hot rodders spend all this time and money on such awesome cars then put such tacky chrome rims on them.

like what they did but I would have preferred a more sleeper look

Not my style, but pretty vehicle. That engine sounds insane.

I would like an old school Mustang so badly. Buy one and fix it up.

I teared up when i heard the engine.smiley

add a plush seat and I’m good to gosmiley

Dream car! That modern interior is so nice in such a classic car.

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