Video: 2010 Jaguar XFR/XKR commercial

If you were to vote the best commercial of the 2009 year which one would it be? Don’t know about you, but experts say this 2010 Jaguar XFR /XKR is the best one.

And it kind of having it all, no? Cool design, interesting graphics, maximum energy and a beautiful lady.

Both models made their world debut i n January at the Detroit Auto Show.


The video looks nice and sexy. I really like those sexy ladies featured on the ad. That really defines the true beauty of the Jaguar.

I will personally vote for this car commercial not just on the beautiful lady on that video, the concept seems quite interesting that they make this Jaguar XFR/XKR faster than the "optic light passing onto
the glass", that’s my interpretation of that concept.

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