Video: 2011 Audi A8 Luxury Sedan

After a successful and extravagant debut at the Audi Pavilion in Miami a few days ago, the new Audi A8 luxury sedan is now poised to become a new challenger in the race for supremacy in the luxury sedan market - a market that features no less than the BMW 7-Series , the Mercedes-Benz S-Class , and the Lexus LS .

In the event that you missed the world debut of the A8, check out this video regarding everything you need to know about Audi’s new ride. Who know, you might end up wanting one as soon you finish watching.



I maybe biased for this but I think this new Audi A8 will have good sales on the market. High expenditure for this car is always there because it’s a very good car and it’s very convenient.

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