Video: 2011 Dodge Charger vs robots

There was a time when math was done with with just a pencil and paper and novels were created on a typewriter. Those things seem completely outdated now, when cars like the Autonomous Audi TTS are climbing Pikes Peak without a man behind the wheel. Dodge has touched on this exact climb into technology with their new 2011 Dodge Charger commercial.

The setting is a bit into the future and illustrates how technology is taking over everything we do in our daily lives. From brushing our teeth to opening our doors, technology will soon lead us by the hand and live our lives for us. The excellent play on this idea is that it will never take over the thrill of driving our cars or, in this case, our Dodge Chargers.

Check out the commercial to see what we mean.


Admittedly, I really enjoy watching the video! smiley Anyway, I think electric cars will only be reliable five years henceforward. Moreover, some wealthiest country could already enjoy that kind of a very high tech technology even a vehicle.

yeah, same here. I believe on that one too. However, we couldn’t admit that there’s a growing market and demand for electric car.

Yeah, I have to say that I’m really impressed with the speed performance of the car. And I would say that the nothing can replace with the manual fun driving experience.

High technology was invented by human to make our life easier. However, being too dependent about will certainly not good especially on cars. There’s no other better feeling for me but driving my own car with my bare hands!

Being dependent to machine and high technology have a bad effect on human’s daily life. It would definitely makes us lazy and forget about the thrill and excitement. Honestly, I really don’t like the automatic suspension for it makes my driving experience so boring.

I surely agree with that. Nowadays, our lives are taken by our discoveries and invention. I think the concept in that commercial is most likely to happen for about 30 or 60 years from now. Who knows.

I like the newer platform of the charger and I think its far from the traditional look of the Dodge. The black paint job really looks good. And I got their message!

Actually, the message that I get from this commercial is that, you would never experience the fun driving unless you try drive this car all by yourself!They caught me up on that one!

This is such an innovative way of introducing your products. Robots symbolizes advancement of technology and still controllable by humans. I really like how it ended. Let’s see if Dodge Chargers are real competitive.

Yeah, I would agree with that assessment. Driving nowadays isn’t only about getting from point A to point B, but also getting there comfortably and safely.

Looking back the evolution of human from pre-historic to civilized era , from their you could actually see on how the human has evolved for century back. And due to the high thinking of our race it gives us an idea on what will the world looks like in the future. Though, we couldn’t see it yet but I’m sure it would be more convenient.

Hehehe! It looks like they are taking a jab on GM here. If you can remember, GM is the major manufacturer providing vehicles for the Transformers movie franchise.

The video is so futuristic and I bet , what was seen in it have a great chance of happening in the near future! Well, I have faith on the Dodge that they actually change the modern days into the next level.

hmm. Now, I can imagine on what will be the future looks like...everything was controlled by high technology gadget but i have to agree that nothing can replaced the fund driving experience that I feel everytime i drive my car!

haha. I thought Dodge will be offering a car that can run or powered by modern technology..Well,I like what they have been trying to tell us, that there’s nothing satisfying than fun driving experience on which their car has it.

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