Video: 2011 Volkswagen Polo GTI has fun in the snow

It’s not exactly to the awesomeness level of the skiing Lamborghini Gallardo but the first official video of the Volkswagen Polo GTI looks to be having its own fun running around in the snow.

The video shows a lot of action sequences of the Polo GTI frolicking in the snow and the smallest GTI from Volkswagen seems to be having a pretty good time doing so. Powered by a relatively light 1.4-liter twin-charged petrol engine, the Polo GTI produces as much as 180 horsepower and 250Nm of torque. It’s got a top speed of 142 mph and can clock a 0-100kmh time of just under seven seconds (6.9 seconds).


I wonder why there’s no current VW model coming out lately. Does any one knows on what are they working on?

Yeah, it is affordable but not as cheaper as the Toyota Hilux! Well, I guess it still depend on which brand you prefer. BTW, it seems that aside from fuel economy this car has an impressive speed as well.

I just wonder on how this car can run in snow though its less powerful? BTW,Volkswagen Polo GTI looks like a Toyota Prius but I think its powerful compare to the latter.

VW Polo claims to be the most affordable hatchback. Well, I was impressed that this car is capable on traveling even in snow! Well, it seems that I don’t need to buy a off-road like jeep anymore.

Agree, I’ve already tried driving over the snow. I must say driving on snow is much more fun than driving on sand.

lovely hatch, very responsive and agile, it handles pretty impressive and it’s suspensions are doing their job well.

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