Video: 2014 Mercedes S-Class caught testing in Berlin

Did you know that riding a bike has two distinct advantages? The first is, of course, that it is good for your health, but the second may be a little harder to guess. Apparently, when you take your bike out for a ride, you have the chance of catching upcoming models as they are taken out for a test session. Like this biker who caught the 2014 Mercedes S-Class .

The next S-Class is set to be unveiled by the end of 2012. It will adopt a new design language and an impressive list of new technology, including a computer-controlled suspension system with redesigned multi-link front and rear axles, more efficient engines, and a nine-speed automatic gearbox.

The engine line-up will include an AMG twin turbo 5.5 liter V8 engine that will deliver between 536 HP and 550 HP. Rumors state that the next S-Class will also be offered with a hybrid powertrain that will combine a powerful direct injected V6 engine and a 60 HP electric hybrid module.


He’s practically lucky to see this S-class at the same time while biking, and the Mercedes S-class seemed more promising!

It will adopt a new design language and an impressive list of latest technology.

The chance of catching upcoming models as they are taken out for a test session.

It’s a showstopper. I’ve seen it very well on that video.

I just can’t wait on the S-class. What’s new with it?

You can always spot upcoming vehicles at Nurburging without use of any bikes, or better yet tune in here on TopSpeed.

Yeah, will it have the inflated Air Belts like those I’ve read on the news?

Is this S-class on Berlin will have the inflated seat belts?

It’s much better if he got a chance on seeing new details on the S-Class.

If biking around town is the only way to be the first on seeing upcoming models like this Mercedes, I would ride my bike across town and expect some rare events like those.

It’s hard to catch that rare event in United States, so I’d better go with my skates.

Biking is never fun without seeing rare events like this road-testing of Mercedes.

I like how the bike comes up to the Mercedes. Hopefully this S class will have the official pictures and also it’s features soon.

When you take your bike out for a ride, it’s a rare event to catch upcoming models take their driving session.

Much better if you can catch it without any camouflage right?

The engine sounds are battering from the inside. When will they release official images of this S-class?

Well, it’s still too good to see it in person than any video.

He should use his bike to encircle the Mercedes, and also to reveal the detailing on it.

That’s one of the advantages, but the real thing is at the auto show where they will unveil this Mercedes S-Class.

Riding a bike is fun and seeing Mercedes testing along your way is such a fulfillment.

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