Video: A Lookback at the Laurels of the Pagani Huayra

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2012 has been a very exciting year for supercar enthusiasts all over. Many high profile brands have launched new and exciting cars, and wowed many enthusiasts. But, if we were to point out which one of them had us head over heels, it would be Pagani .

With the launch of the Huayra , Pagani has swept the competition off the floor by achieving the highest number of laurels that any hypercar can achieve in a single year. This above video celebrates those laurels.

Most of the prestigious publications in Europe, like EVO, Top Gear and CAR Magazine, have nothing but praise for the Huayra. Even we do. We think this is a hypercar precisely engineered by angels and tuned to make Satan shiver at the mere thought of driving it.

With a delicate balance of Italian design and Bugatti -shaming performance, Horacio Pagani has every right to be proud of his masterpiece that has taken the world by storm.

Before we go on irritating you on how great this car is, check out the cool cinematography above that only the Huayra can pull-off.


I die laughing!!! smiley)))))

butterflyes, yeah...but from the lateral view, the car looks as if it had teeth and scratches the asphalt with them...

the mirrors and how the car looks with the doors opened makes me think about butterfyes.

indeed, marry! you are so right! those mirrors look like antennassmiley

very interesting and impressive design although i do’t like the profile.

for karla: i suppose insects are a good option. don’t you think so?

i am very curious what was the inspiration source for their design...

i find this cars very feminine. sooo, i like themsmiley

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