Video: A Short Trip to the Audi R8 Factory

In the latest episode of "The Downshift" the crew over MotorTrend took a trip to Quattro GmbH, the birthplace of the the RS3 , RS4 , RS5 , RS6 and R8 . Since 1983, Audi ’s go-fast factory has been taking Audi sedans to the extreme and in 2006 it unveiled the R8, which has quickly become one of the worlds most sought after supercars.

The factory was founded in October 1983 and it is located on a 3,500-square-meter site in Neckarsulm, near Stuttgart, Germany. The factory specializes in producing high-performance Audi cars and components, and its name pays homage to Audi’s original four-wheel-drive, rally-inspired road car: the Audi Quattro.

Take a look at this video; you will be amazed by the dedication and heart these folks put into each and every Audi that passes through. Let us know what do you think!


We are all impressed, that’s for sure. If I, as a woman i’m impressed, not to mention the men...

True! From only 2 models 10 years ago at how many models they have now ... it is an achievement.

with a funny accent or not, should be appreciated for their accomplishments. Are a true model in terms of work.

smiley Yes, indeed, I can recognize them from a thousand by the accent they have.

How cute they are! they have a very funny accent.

It is easily observed that they are Germans: calculated, disciplined, hard working. I respect them a lot for that.

How nice it looks. Was so ordered disciplined. Everyone knows his place and everything seems to go smoothly.

movie seems simply impressive. I have only praise for them. Keep up the good work!

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