Video: A six-generation look at the Mercedes SL Roadster Hollywood-style

Anytime you come from a lineage that traces its roots back to the Mercedes 300 SL Roadster , the shoes you’re filling are about as big as the craters on the moon.

The new Mercedes SL Roadster is part of that family and while the jury is still out on how the car will be looked at years from now, it’s safe to say that its heritage will play a big part in determining whether the car turns out to be a classic.

To give us an idea on the family tree the new SL Roadster comes from, Mercedes-Benz reporter, Matthew K, dives into the six decades of the SL’s lineage, all the way back to when the 300 SL was the unquestioned king of the road.

True to fashion, Mercedes even added a slice of Hollywood into the video, further accentuating the kind of car the Mercedes SL was...and still is.


The evolution of Roadster following the time and trends is just unimaginable.

It’s the historical Roadster by Mercedes are showcased in one video. These classical cars like Mercedes have been a trademark by Hollywood celebrities and became one of their fashion statement or even proof of their wealth.

I can’t wait to see my favorite Hollywood stars to drive this one in style with fashion.

Oh my gosh, isn’t this wonderful? Its mellow vibe makes me experience nostalgia.

I don’t find any valuable feature in this. It seems plain and almost looking cheap.

I can see why this has captivated plenty of people; the design is suited to everyone’s tastes.

Because of its vicious noise, this has marked in my mind.

Who would ever forget this? I remember wanting this for a very long time as it is greatly appealing!

It would be great if they’ll add more innovations to this collection!

I guess people are just amused and feeling nostalgic seeing its history.

I may be the only one who never got fond to any of these. Its style has always been bland and at the same time, eccentric.

It’s astonishing to see SL’s changes through time. The whole evolution models appealed greatly to people.

The sound of its engine is like music to my ears. I’ll always remember this Mercedes car.

This Mercedes model has already created an impact of great measures on automotive enthusiasts. Seeing it again is really nostalgic.

Even if newer cars come into the scene, this will always be a legendary icon.

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