Video: Alfa Romeo teases their new Giulietta ahead of the Geneva debut

Contrary to traditional teasers, this teaser video of the 2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta gives us exactly what we need to know about the car without giving away too much. Whereas most teasers are over before we can even comprehend its content, this one actually lasts longer than most commercials and we’re given a full treat of the Giulietta’s exterior.

Even better, Alfa Romeo gives us the full Italian treatment with the voice-over being spoken in the local language with English subtitles to help make all non-Italian speakers understand what he’s talking about.

Now isn’t this what teaser videos should all look like?

Source: YouTube


That was a teasing movie, the ALFA EGO really does tease me... i’ve been reading some reviews on this guilietta and I’m impressed on the handling, comfort and engine performance.

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