Video: All six Volkwagen Golf GTI generations on the track

Volkswagen unveiled the Golf GTI for the first time back in June 1976 and currently, the model is in its sixth generation. Many may consider the fourth generation Golf to be the very best of all, but without all six generations going toe to toe, it may be difficult to make such a decision, Enter Volkswagen.

The brand poised to dominate the auto world has put together a video with all six generations of the Golf, totaling more than 35 years of its GTI history. From the first generation’s 110 HP 1.6-liter inline four cylinder engine evolving to the sixth generation’s 207 HP turbo engine, all six were there to represent for their time period and all six were put to test on the race track, and while this video is not very long, it sure provides an idea on the classics vs. moderns dilemma.


The car is too weak when it comes to speed performance. This will look great if more features will be used on this model.

No matter what generation it is of Volkswagen, I am still here to be their fan and I will always adore them. Those cars are fabulous. Want to have one of them soon.

The car is good but when it comes to speed performance, it’s on a slow motion. It will be more impressive if it has a full package; good design plus best performance. Surely, it’ll hit.

Volkswagen!! These are pretty amazing! I am a total fan of them and this video really amazed me to the max. I love the wheels of the Golf GTI. smiley And it looks stunning on red color.

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