Video: Are we headed to a MINI E-Volution?

In an auto industry that is already warming up to the thought of an electric vehicle segment, a number of car brands have taken the lead in developing cars of the EV variety. For its part, the MINI E is both a trend-setter and a standard-bearer of what electric vehicles are capable of, despite the fact that the car has not been planned for road production.

The few people that have taken the MINI E out for leases have all gone back with favorable responses of the electric car, which is all MINI needed to create yet another bodacious video highlighting the MINI E as the industry’s last car standing in a world that has completely spurned gasoline-engined vehicles. We don’t know how accurate the depiction is, but we do have to give credit to MINI for their seemingly endless amount of confidence in their product. After all, we wouldn’t have expected anything less from these guys.

Source: MINI

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