Video: Aston Martin bigwigs describe the Cygnet

Now that Aston Martin has finally given the green light on the production of the car, the company is now in full promotional swing for the Toyota iQ -based Cygnet .

In this video featuring company boss Dr. Ulrich Bez and design chief Marek Reichman, the two describe the rationale behind the production of the Cygnet, one of which, as Dr. Bez describes it, is giving customers the option for a more practical city car to drive around cities while not compromising on the luxury that the company is famously known for.

Meanwhile, Reichmann tells us with a straight face that the Cygnet will give customers the same experience as they would in driving any of other Aston Martin’s sports car. While we seriously doubt that, we couldn’t help but notice how the two stayed away from telling everyone that only Aston Martin customers can purchase a Cygnet, leaving everyone else to “settle” for its almost identical, yet less luxurious counterpart, the iQ.

Source: Aston Martin


Too bad for those Toyota IQ buyers because it is only limited for those Aston Martin clients only. I remembered that cygnet is the name that Aston Martin will use to create their own city car.

One of the best compact cars that can be seen in the market! The look was awesome and the performance as well. And I would say that this production is much better compare to the Toyota IQ.

This would be one of the best production in the line of Aston Martin. Though the platform has a similarity with small cars, its performance is really great! BTW, I wonder on why does they haven’t make any modified version of this car.

well good thing that the windshield is still intact, i hope his insurance is also include with nature disaster policy..

No changes under the hood? that seems odd to me because IMO the only way this car could be improved is by a slight bump in power and a little diet. The car was already gorgeous, no changes needed there.

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