Video: Aston Martin One 77 testing

For most of us, the closest sniff we can ever have of the new Aston Martin One-77 will be in one of those high-end glossy car magazines. Maybe we can catch a video here or there of the One-77 in action.

Things like this already makes our day because we know that we have neither the resources nor wherewithal to even come a mile of driving one home. So, as you can expect, this new video released by Aston Martin showing the ultra-exclusive super car testing on a race track brings us much joy because it’s about as close as we can get to watch one in action. Enjoy!


Sweet. I wonder how those test drivers get their jobs. I mean it would definitely be an honor to be one of the test drivers of a great company such as that of the Aston Martin. It is also a great chance to have the first hand feel of their new cars. Hopefully crashing none.

well actually there are only 66 left of the one-77. I’m impress with it’s handling and performance surely those millionaire who bough 10 of this baby wont regret it.

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