Video: Audi Q5 Mountainbike ad

Audi has unveiled a new commercial for the Audi Q5 Quattro. The ad features a bunch of guys riding their mountain bikes in an effort to teach all of us a thing or two about the capability of the Audi SUV. Apparently, the Q5 can run through the woods and trail through all of the rough terrain they have to offer, just like the killer mountain bikes. Want some visual confirmation? Check out the video and see for yourself

The Audi Q5 is rolling off the production line in three engine variants – one gasoline engine and two TDI units. All of the engines are direct-injection models with a turbocharger – characterized by outstanding performance, hefty propulsive power and cultivated running while at the same time offering impressive fuel efficiency. The most powerful engine in the line-up is the 3.0 TDI engine that delivers 240 HP and 500 NM of torque. This version can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds, and can hit a top speed of 225 km/h (139.81 mph).


haha! That’s a quite good one for Audi. I was amazed by the numbers of bikers on that certain mountain. BTW, the Audi Q5 really rocks on dirt roads.

Its seems like a commercial for bike and car as well. I guess, Audi has been going with the current trend for extending their merchandise arm! However, its figure performance is quite impressive.

The Audi A4 Duo was a diesel hybrid... but lacking sale success and because of lacking government help Audi stopped the production in 1998 and invested all their money into TDI R&D.. because world wide the diesel car market is with 25% of all new sold cars much bigger than that of hybrid vehicles

Does anyone thinks that this car is a large SUV? Seriously in some countries they use hummers and other large US SUVs as a model of a tank during military exercises.

Not a original idea though...i have seen few automakers that does the drive testing on the wild.

that was a bomb!!the coolest car ad that i have watched recently!

MPG won’t be great, not on par with the TDI, but better than the V6. Germans aren’t that adroit at hybrids yet for obvious reasons.

Cool. Perfect to ride anywhere.

These large SUV don’t see that much improvement from hybrids, i think the best way to tackle the issue short term is to use hybrid tech in sedans and offer all SUV with diesel engines.

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