Video: Audi R8 gets a photo shoot date with some gorgeous women

We knew there was something special about the Audi R8 . It’s not because it’s the fastest Audi on the market, nor is it because it’s made a number of appearances in some of the biggest movie blockbusters of the past few years - Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen come to mind.

The Audi R8 is one special cat because somehow, through whatever it does or doesn’t do, it gets the attention of the ladies. More importantly, bikini-clad vixens at that.

This three-minute video clearly demonstrates the intoxicating allure of the R8 to the opposite sex, one that doesn’t go unnoticed by strapping, young lads like us. It was created by Tuan Hong for his buddy Kirby - my namesake! - who was doing a photo shoot on the R8 and its groupies and it just goes to show just how much attention this Audi supercar can get without even trying.

Kind of makes us wish we had one to take to the beach with us because apparently, where the R8 goes, smoking hot women follow.


Audi R8 will surely become popular after taking a photo shoot with these hot girls. They will surely rock your world!

: Audi was so lucky with these gorgeous girls. You can’t ask for more these girls will be joining you in a photo shoot!

It’s no surprise that this car attracts not only the sports car enthusiasts but also hot and gorgeous women because of its very good look. And in addition, this car has appeared in some of the biggest movies such as Iron man and Transformers.

Well, they really made my day; on this one. I really like seeing girls and cars in one shot.; this is certainly something that I would want to watch regularly.

WOW! The models are beautiful. Its one technique to attract the people to buy a kind of car. The car is nice. Really nice engine and design. It’s simple But the parts are not simple.

In my case, it really hate it when they do this one. It’s really hard to choose on what to focus on, the girls or the car? Nah, just kidding. I love them both.

Yup, they did it again. Those are definitely the two things that I would want to see on one photo shoot, a gorgeous model and a great looking car. Certainly a great combination.

Well, I have to admit that this is an impressive model from Audi. R8 is perfect collaboration of modern and luxurious design! No wonder why women love this ride.

That’s new for Audi R8. I haven’t heard of them using sexy ladies to their advertisements but this one will surely a very timely idea for summer.

A hot R8 plus those hot, sexy and gorgeous women makes me realize how lucky the car is. Audi cars are indeed sexy enough to match those lovely ladies.

This car is really a head turner!Well, I bet its easy to get those gorgeous women on the wheels like this! I like the performance of this car and its sportiness!

Oh yeah! Audi has add a little spice on the R8 including gorgeous women ! I think it would be awesome to have a hot babe inside that sporty car!

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