Video: Audi RS6 vs. Mercedes E63 AMG

Fifth Gear’s Jason Plato has put two of the most powerful sedans of all times face to face. Check out what happens when the Audi RS6 and the Mercedes E63 AMG battle it out, but first, let’s take a look at the two sets of specs to get a better idea of which sedan will come out on top.

The Audi RS6 is powered by a 5.0 liter V10 engine that delivers a total of 580 hp and 480 ft lbs of torque which is definitely more powerful than the 6.3-liter V8 engine found in the E63 AMG that develops 518hp. This difference translates into little difference in the 0-60mph sprint which both cars can make in 4.5 seconds. Top speeds for both cars are limited to 155mph, but the top speed in the RS6 can be increased to 174mph upon the customer’s request.

So, which do you think would be the top pick between the two German sports sedans, the RS6 or the E63 AMG? See if your choice matches Jason Plato’s by watching the video!


I’m well entertained upon watching this video. Which is the most powerful? My vote always goes to Audi RS6.

this is a tough choice, both car are great and has an impressive performance. but if I’m going to based it on the design, i would rather have the audi RS6.

Please, what’s all this badge vanity? An Audi by any other name would drive just as sweet.

Audi looks so macho but I think e63 has more advantage.

The RS6 looks tougher than the AMG but this is still a hard choice on which to choose.

yeah... the sls looks more aggressive and more muscle unlike the LF-A.

Why isn’t there a Lexus in there? Sports Package LS460 easily hangs with the cars tested.

i think autor is not true with audi rs6. it is the better than e 63 amg and bmw m5.

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