Video: Audi shows how the A1 is built

If we’re going to take Aud i’s word, then this teaser video of the new A1 premium hatchback is, for better or worse, the last teaser Audi is releasing before the A1 breaks cover in Geneva next month.

In this particular video, Audi is giving us a live tour of their production facility in Brussels, Belgium, which, incidentally, is the site for production of the A1. In preparation for it – and the possibility for future productions done in the plant – Audi is shelling out over €285 million ($388 million) to upgrade the facility.

While the previous videos promoting the A1 were ok at best, this last one is actually pretty interesting, given that we don’t always catch videos of how a car production facility actually works in building the cars that we later on drive.

The robots assembling some parts of the A1 are a sight to behold, especially the incredible detail in which they build the parts from the ground up.

We haven’t been especially glowing about the past teaser videos of the A1, but as far as we’re concerned, this one is a must-watch.

Source: YouTube


I really love this kind of video. I love to watch on how they built such great piece of art, though most step was done by a machine.

Demand for small car will increase for sure because the premium gas is getting higher every time. It looks nice and inexpensive as well.

Wow, that is very advanced. I wonder if every part is done by robots and machine. I mean, I sort of took a peak on Ferrari’s factory in either Discovery or Nat Geo (I can’t remember which) and there are still a lot of hand made parts for the car. Anyhow, I wonder if those robots makes mistakes. The video shows very accurate work from them.

Pretty neat facility. Love the robots. It’s great to see things like this work. It’s amazing on how it is very accurate and on how it speed work up. I remember hanging out in one factory for a specific manufacturer one time and they do things by hand. Although it may worth more than those built by robots, the amount of production that robots make compared to hand made cars are different in numbers. Of course robots can do more.

First they try to promote that designers have worked hard to design something unique and special and then they remind us that its just a machine with no emotions at all made by robots. ok...

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