Video: Audi teases Le Mans series

While everyone is waiting for the big Le Mans weekend, Audi has decided to tease us with a few images that give us an idea of the show that is in store for all of us. Audi will enter the race with a R15 TDI powered by a V10 TDI engine. To keep it in line and make it a little bit more competitive, Audi tweaked the R15 TDI’s body shape in addition to giving it a modified cooling and fuel tank system. The V10 TDI engine gets smaller air restrictors yet still delivers a staggering 590 horsepower. The car features a new radical design that features more red. In addition, large areas of the Le Mans race sports car that is internally designated as "R15 plus" will be kept in a purist black carbon-fiber look.


Looks pretty good. From that angle, it looks like a morgan aero and a cayman were mashed together in the back and they put an slr mclaren front on it

Not only that they have a new cars, they also have a new drivers... nice work Audi.

agree, audi was aimed on their handling.. and they used a stiffer and better springs and sway bars are re designed.

If you have seen the movie, you will see that the rain helped Audi to win, the Peugeots were faster but the Audis had better handling.

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