Video: "Auntie" needs to learn to park Lexus RX300

The next time you find yourself struggling to fit into a parking space with a long queue waiting behind you, you might want to speed things up a little unless you want to be a victim of some pretty hilarious audio commentary from the cars behind you.

This video of a Lexus RX300 backing into a parking space won’t exactly set your screens on fire, but the audio commentary from the driver waiting for dear old "Auntie" to get into her parking space is the stuff of legends. It’s a good two minutes worth of hilarious whining from the obviously impatient driver.

Watch and laugh, people. Watch and laugh.

Source: YouTube


haha. I think it would be better if he horn on that Lexus to show how annoyed they were! BTW, at the ending of the video I was about to say a big yes at last!

The sound of the dude that gives complimentary sound so annoying though what I have seen in the video is so funny. I suggest that old "auntie" needs a one-on-one lesson with reverse, parallel and all type of parking technique!

maybe she’s a newbie driver.. well time will come she will learn how to park quickly and properly.

She needs a lot of training from a professional driver and no doubts about that. Lexus features such as 16-inch alloy wheels, foglights, automatic climate control and full power accessories.

Funny! and I think its much better if they will not allowed to get a license, a person who doesn’t know how to park.

Well, I guess if I was the one who’s waiting for her to parked I think I’d already horned her until her ears bleed.

Well, I guess. Auntie is still adjusting with the rx300. Honestly, for a beginner reversing is the hardest part for them.

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