Video: BBC America releases new trailer for Richard Hammond's Crash Course

Richard Hammond is stepping out of Jeremy Clarkson’s enormous shadow and heading over across the pond here to America for his own TV show.

Lest we forget what Hammond has done in the past when you put a crazy vehicle in front of him, all of that will be on full display with his new BBC show, "Crash Course." The premise of the show is pretty straight-forward. You take the Hamster and put him inside some of the "world’s toughest vehicles" and then you see what happens next.

This trailer for the show will at least tell you what to expect. Whether it’s an Abrams tank, a fire truck, or even a crane with a wrecking ball on it, Hammond will find a way to learn as much as he can about these machines without destroying everything around him. Of course, promises like that pretty much mean nothing when it comes to Richard Hammond.

And that’s exactly why Crash Course will soon be on our must-watch list when it makes its debut on April 16, 2012 over at BBC America.

Source: BBC America


This is inspired by the GTA game. So more crashed and explosions are expected during the show. 

I guess it has influenced my thinking as I am itching to do the same as Richard!

LOL they made the right choice! I bet this will be watched by many because of its highly entertaining content.

I want to also drive a tank and smash things up. This is what happens when you play Grand Theft Auto a lot. smiley

That cracked me up; it’s very witty and entertaining. They’ve chosen a great personality for this show. However, I must prepare to mourn for the loss of vehicles.

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