Video: Bentley Continental GT gets unceremonious mud bath

We’ve seen a lot of high-priced luxury cars being treated to things that are by no means luxurious, but this one absolutely takes the cake. It’s definitely a sight for some pretty bad sore eyes.

That, dear friends, is a Bentley Continental GT , not a tractor trailer. And worst of all, it costs a quarter-of-a-million in this part of the world. We don’t know what the owner of the car was thinking - we heard he’s Russian - when he decided to ride his expensive exotic into a obscenely muddy road, but as is the case with those rich boys from Russia who don’t seem to mind getting their cars dirty, or in this case, filthy, this one had no problem doing so.

The problem came when he couldn’t get the car out of the muddy trap he led it to, leading to this extremely difficult predicament. We don’t know if that shirt-less fellow acting like an idiot is the owner, but judging from what looks to be an intoxicated state, we wouldn’t be the lease bit surprised if that indeed is him.

Source: YouTube


haha. or maybe he is drunk.

How stupid. Driving drunk with an expensive car, then mud bathing.

this is expected to the Russians.. for sure this dude is drowned with vodka..

hahaha this is not the way to make fun for this car.. for sure this dude is one of thousand rich family in russia.

this is the reason why many protesters hate to see a politicians driving an expensive car.

The guy looks drunk with his motion, and also happy playing on that mud. Well I guess he people their might think he is a freak or a jackass.

hahah what a freak.. driving a quarter million dollar car to an off road suv play ground.. i say he’s insane.. he would probably driving a x5 or x5 on this terrain. oh well i guess that’s what you call lucky to be rich.

I agree. Upon seeing a Bentley like that is very soaring to eyes.

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