Video: Boom Goes the Honda CRX's Clutch!

We have very simple – yet emphatic – words to describe this piece of video. In so many words, it goes something like, “Holy Sh…Cow!”

Yes; “Holy Cow!”

If you’re wondering why this video warranted such a reaction, you have to see it for yourself. But to give you an overview, a Honda CRX was engaged in a fun little drag race when shortly after it made a rather fantastic start, the car’s clutch dramatically exploded, sending just about every piece of metal – the transmission, the radiator, the intercooler – flying out of the car.

As you can imagine, the CRX’s whole front end was massively ruined, looking like it just got into a high-speed collision with a rather sturdy cement wall.

Video footage of the CRX clutch massacre awaits you.

Source: YouTube


Good thing that the CR-x didn’t Flip upside down.

Well, sometimes accidents really happen. The good part is its still intact with its back parts.

Booooommmmm there goes the neighborhood, that was a pain staking dissaster.

Whoa! That is one sick video. The driver got out and it seems like he is not wearing anything to protect himself in case of accidents. He is lucky that he got no injuries from the clutch blowout. O well, the car’s damage is nothing that cannot be repaired. It can be fixed.

Good thing that the break master is not damaged by the flying metals from the engine and clutch.

This video shows that too much speed makes the car banged or boomed on the road.

Dang! That was a big disaster from the CRX. Well, I guess it’s clutch are already worn out and need a replacement.

If the whole car didn’t have to make it across the finish line, I’d have said he won.

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