Video: Bugatti EB 110 performs wicked burnout

And you thought the Veyron was the ultimate definition of high-powered Bugatti awesomeness? Some of you might think so, but there are those people that would beg to differ.

Before the Veyron catapulted Bugatti into mainstream consciousness, one of its predecessors, the EB 110 , was the quintessential Bugatti supercar. Built in honor of the brand’s founder Eltore Bugatti, the EB 110 signaled the brand’s return to prominence in the early 90’s after 40 years of inactivity.

In this video, we have the two Bugatti machines that have defined our generation: the EB 110 and the Veyron. Despite the Veyron’s standing as one of the most expensive and sought-after supercars of this generation, those who know their Bugatti history will understand that no matter what a Veyron does, it can’t hold a candle to a burnout-performing EB 110. Just goes to show that an upstart still has a long way to go to capture the awesomeness of its predecessor.

Source: You Tube


From the Top Gear lap board, I can see that Japans best shot comes in under cars from the following countries:Italy, Germany, Sweden, United States, England

That seems a bit cheesy, unless there’s some kind of agreement in place.

Wow - imagine trying to keep this thing running

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