Video: Bugatti Head of Design and His Kevlar Porsche

When you hear about Achim Anscheidt - Bugatti Head of Design - you would probably expect him to drive a supercar like the Bugatti Veyron , right? Nope, he isn’t that kind of guy. Instead he opted for something a little bit more classic, and a lot cooler: a 1981 Porsche 911 .

This is no normal old 1981 Porsche 911 either, oh no. This one is completely gutted and all of the removable panels – trunk, bonnet, doors, front fenders, etc. – are all made from Kevlar. Yeah, you read that right: Kevlar! He also cleaned up the engine bay a little bit and replaced the windows with plastic, which brings the 911’s weight down to a svelte 820 kg (1,807 pounds).

Unfortunately, Anscheidt didn’t let us in on the 911’s performance numbers, but we’ll just assume it’s pretty dang fast.

After watching the video let us know in the comments section below what do you think about his choice: would you drive the 1981 911 or rather take the Veyron?


I would choose a Veyron.

if I had enough money, I would probably choose both... for me, is hard to decide

He probably chose a classic car precisely in order to be away from the job that he has.

you described very well how I would do the choice.

everyone choose what likes more and what represents himself better.

black and white sequences alternating with color ones and the locations where it was filmed are highly effective.

very nice transposition of the past in the present and vice versa. good idea!

ooooh! such a lovely movie. i liked it so much!

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