Video: Burnouts are Fun, but Not With Cops Around

We all love high-performance cars and nearly everyone that loves high-performance cars loves seeing these cars do burnouts. Regardless of the love, there is a time and place for everything. I remember my first ever burn out well, it was in a 1986 Camaro IROC-Z, which I had just finished painting and doing body work on. On my way home from school, some buddies talked me into power-blocking it at a stop light. Well, after about 30 seconds of intense tire smoke, there was a gigantic clunk and the wheels stopped. Yeah, I destroyed the rear end.

$250 later and about two nights of installing the new rear end, I learned never to power-block a car again. I am sure the guy in the above video has learned an important lesson too.

When you are at a car meet and there are cops there, you can oftentimes get away with more than you can on a public street. However, if there is a crowd of people around your Mustang and you decide to power-block it, you are just one slip of your foot away from mowing down a bunch of people.

When the cops see that, regardless of it being private or public property, they will immediately place you under arrest for endangering the lives of others. That’s exactly what happened to the dude in this video. After some enticing by his “friends” he decides to light ‘em up on his Mustang and the cops literally pull him from the car and take him directly to jail, he did not pass “Go” and did not collect $200, just right to jail.

So what did we learn today, guys? Don’t power-block a car in a crowded area with cops around, that’s bad, mmmkay?


It’s his fault. He only deserves to lose the car and his license. He needs to learn inside the jail.

It only serves him right for being a show off. The cops are just minding everyone’s safety.

Geez, what a loser. He just a made a fool out of himself there.

Yeah, it is thrilling but as mentioned, it was the least appropriate place and time for that. Those cops need to knock some sense into more people like the arrested driver.

Some people are just too immersed into this automotive world and are so excited to apply it outside. Who in the right mind would run a car like that as its normal speed?

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