Video: Caterham teases its Grand Prix debut

This weekend will mark one of the most important moments in Caterham ’s history: the company is set to enter a Grand Prix as a standalone team. As a celebration of this, the company has released a teaser video of the new SP/300.R race car as well as historic Caterham racing models, the legendary Caterham Seven and Caterham’s first ever F1 car, the CT-01. The test was performed on the Jerez track in Spain and includes a series of very impressive activities, including a few donuts.

The video is just 1:43 minutes long, but it is still long enough to provide a pretty good idea on just how serious Caterham is about their first F1 racer. Let us know if you believe the company has any chance of success in their new race debut in the comments below!


Watching this was heart-pounding. Caterham did an effective teasing!

It must be the determination of the driver that made my adrenaline rush while watching this. I think Caterham will make it.

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