Video: Chevrolet's Department 180 puts 2010 Chevy Equinox under a 'parade of punishment'

Maybe Toyota should take a page out of these guys’ book.

In what can only be described as car abuse of the highest order, Chevrolet’s quirky Department 180 shows us just how far they would go to test the overall strength and stability of a 2010 Chevrolet Equinox . These guys really don’t know the whole concept of easing up on testing because they threw the Equinox pretty much everything it could handle - a "parade of punishment", as they’d like to call it - including a storm-simulated water intrusion test that tests how the vehicle can withstand a torrential hurricane.

On one hand, you gotta feel bad for the this particular Equinox that was pretty much beat up from bumper to bumper. But on the other hand, its extreme testing like this that ensures us the cars we drive are of the highest quality and not one that comes with a boatload of performance malfunctions.

Somewhere, a Toyota executive just got a massive migraine.

Source: Chevrolet


This will be perfect for GM, the highest mileage small SUV on the market just when gas prices start increasing - if they’re smart they’ll get the hybrid and plug-in hybrid power train out of the Saturn Vue and in the Equinox ASAP.
The Ford engines are not DI though, the inline 4 is capable for DI, but not in it at present.

I’ve rented the current Equinox a couple times now on ski vacations and was thoroughly impressed by the car. It’s a far more capable and substantial car than CR-V or Rav4 or the equivalent Hyundai and it handled much better than my family’s last-gen Acura MDX (even loaded down with luggage and skis).
My only gripe was with ye old push rod V6, but the new DI engines should fix that. GM stole Direct Injection from Saab and now exploits their engineering department for other brand’s gain.

I’m still not convinced on the test.

Excellent performance! Perfect car for vacation and suitable on the hazard road.

I agree they should take it to long journey to test how reliable really the Equinox is.

it seems to me that they wanted to show how tough an Equinox really is, but it would be better if they tried it on a real off road condition.

That was a tough test for equinox but I’m impressed on it’s suspensions.

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