Video: Chicks dig the new Hyundai Elantra

This Hyundai TV spot from the Great White North is living proof why an ad like this wouldn’t even cut it in the US. To give you the jist, we have a sultry hot vixen walking up to a Hyundai Elantra and then proceeds to leave her lip mark on a piece of paper together with her digits. Cut that to the scene of a blond vixen who also goes up the Elantra, picks up the paper that’s wedged into the wiper blades, takes a look at it, smiles and enters the car.

You’d be pretty naïve if you didn’t pick up the sexual tone of the ad, especially after the owner of the Elantra seems to be a little bit curious about the woman leaving her phone number.

Check it out and you’ll be reminded once again why most of our ads here in the US can’t do what ads in other countries seem to get away with on a consistent basis.

Source: YouTube


Who would have thought that a sexy chick is driving that beautiful car. Anyways, those two fine ladies are indeed sexy in their own way. I wonder, did the driver call that number from the letter?

haha. Yeah, this is really the reason why US commercial is different from the other countries because homosexuality is not a big deal here!

Now, i don’t want to comment about the homophile part of this commercial. It’s kind of funny knowing the owner of the Elantra is a girl and lipstick note left on the wind shield. I guess everyone have seen the meaningful smile in the face of the driversmiley

Lacks the bulge and the typical Corolla 3-color scheme.

For me Elantra is better due to equipment and more full basic complication, and I bought it because of research paper about production line on Hyundai got a German quality spe ts, it matters!

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