Video: Chris Harris drives and drifts the BMW M5 and the Nissan GT-R

The BMW M5 and the Nissan GT-R are two cars that really don’t belong next to one another, but Chris Harris went ahead and compared both of them as he drove and drifted through the streets, and in the rain no less. His reasoning behind it was actually quite simple: "it’s perfect for YouTube search results, and that’s why we’re doing it." Hey, at least he’s honest.

Whatever the reason, these two cars were put to the test and this 13 minutes long video is the product of that. This will probably be the only time we will all see a sports sedan next to a sports coupe in an all out brawl, so sit back and enjoy the ride! Then you can listen as Chris Harris shares his thoughts on the two sports vehicles.


That was a nice watch. For me, there wasn’t much to compare as both did well drifting.

My 13 instant viewing was worth-while in this video. BMW and Nissan are great. It was a amazing drift.

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