Video: Comparing the Nurburgring lap times of the 2012 Nissan GT-R and the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

A week ago, word spread around that the new and reinvented 2012 Nissan GT-R managed to post the fastest Nurburgring lap time among all of the Godzillas that have run a fast lap in the world-famous race circuit. It actually slashed off 2.48 seconds off of the previous best – 7:26.00 seconds - for a GT-R , posting a time of 7:24.22 seconds.

Impressive as the numbers are, the question that a lot of people have been asking is how the 2012 GT-R can compete with the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 . While the numbers should be close, we found a ‘top-bottom’ comparison video that should put all the debates to rest.

It runs the full-length of a Nurburgring lap so it’s over seven minutes long. But if you really want to know which sports car holds bragging rights over the other, then the video is a must-see for you.

We’re gonna give you a little spoiler, though. This lap-time showdown between the GT-R and the ZR1 is a lot closer than you think. Check out the video and find out who can lap the Nurburgring faster than the other.

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I will not accept that GTR lose against the ZR1! I want to see the race between them would be official. The skills of the driver haven’t mentioned anyway.

Well, I do believe that the driving would depend on the skill of the driver. I think its not fair the qualification of the drivers wasn’t mentioned!

Even on the start of the race I would say that that Corvette drive fast and smooth in the track. Corvette makes a great torque and faster in the straightline!

Hmm, this one is quite a thrilling race. I wonder what sort of matchups they would come up with next. A race between the Impreza WRX and the Veloster would be a good idea.

Yeah, the ZR1 does have a good set of numbers when it comes to performance. But the GT-R is also very impressive, which is why they are so evenly matched.

Yeah, what you say guys are all true. However, Corvette ZR1 is the most powerful and successful brand ever! The specs of the car is quite impressive so I don’t think that we have to underestimate this car.

Well, even if the GTR has lost in the race, I still believe on the reliability of the car. BTW, Nissan has the Godzilla attached to its name, so most probably this car is a beast on the track!

Just one question, are these two cars both standard version, or have they tweaked them? I am just wondering how the race would go if they use stock vehicles.

Well, this one goes to show that the GT-R is certainly improving a lot in terms of of speed. But that one is not really surprising, considering the amount of work that they have done on the car.

I agree mazeking, what you have said is exactly correct. Winning on the race depends in the talent of the driver and the performance of the car. However,you have a point Tarout82, even if the GTR lose i still believe on the reliability of this car!

Well, you have a point there, driver skills would be a factor here. But I think that the car’s performance would contribute more in this case, since they are running on the some track.

Just one thought about this one, they did let the same driver run the tests, right? Driver skillws would certainly add up to the performance of the car, so I though it might have an effect.

If you’re going to spend $100K on a sports car, buy the supercharged Lotus Evora. It may not be as fast, but it handles better than either of these two and is considerably more dependable.

I feel, Other than comparing specs and the performances, it also depends on the driver and his skill to make the most of the vehicle. especially on such a great track. Otherwise, why do we have so many races in the first place. Just race between various models and the one with the best specs wins.

Even if the GTR lost, I still prefer it over the corvette

At the corners you can hear some of the screaming, must be the corvette drifting?

Well, for me I’m never been doubtful with the lap time record of the GTR for I believe this car is faster compare to Corvette ZR1. Thanks for the video anyway.

Why am I not surprised that they would both come in that close? After all, these two have almost identical performance figures, so it is not really hard for that one.

YES!!! This is it. No matter the power of the ZR1, GTR will get you there faster! More comfortable, 4wd, Four Seats more space, and despite its weight, its faster than ZR1 and a million dollar Enzo! Holy, GTR is .. Unbelievable. Everyody, I knew this day would come. Fastest car for the price! YES!!!

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