Video: Conan introduces the Bugatti Veyron Mouse to the Tonight Show

If you haven’t heard about the controversial "Late Night Wars" between NBC, Jay Leno, and Conan O’Brien , then we have to ask you exactly what rock you’re living in.

For those that are in the loop, you probably know the news that Conan O’Brien is leaving the Tonight Show after only seven months to job after being forced out by NBC and Jay Leno. We could go on and on about the story but we’ll save it for another time.

Anyway, seeing that his days as host of the Tonight Show are numbered, Conan spared no expense in racking up NBC’s bills by inviting special new characters to his show that are not so much as ’funny’ as they are ’crazy expensive’.

True to his word, Conan wasted little time inviting his first new character to the Tonight Show: the Bugatti Veyron Mouse!

Check it out and laugh until your sides hurt.

Source: YouTube


Haha, that really looked like a mouse. This maybe the best car for Mickey Mouse.

what is the answer of Jay Leno to this clip? can’t wait for his reply LMAO surely he will make an answer.

I think bugatti should release or make an original bugatti with rat ears. The veyron looks cute with the rat ears in it.

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